Defined By Our Service

We understand moving home represents a huge transition in the life of you & your family.  Often one that ends up being a journey of mixed emotions. 

With our support & marketing experience, we will be striving to get your house Sold for as close to the asking price as possible and in the shortest possible time frame.  We’ll listen to your requirements & work within this remit.  Your complete satisfaction after all is what will earn us future referrals!

Sedge Keep It Simple

Our Team is made up of a small group of professional, experienced and friendly staff, who are all able to support, guide and advise you throughout the residential sales process. From taking your initial enquiry, valuing your property, actively marketing your house, undertaking viewings, negotiating & substantiating all offers, liaising with conveyancing solicitors and monitoring the chain progress, right through to exchange and onto completion.

We have an internal system which ensures you are kept fully updated and at a time which suits you.

On completion, a member of our team will meet you at the property to hand over keys and take the time to ensure you know where everything is in your new home.

Your house is probably one of the largest assets you own, with every single home unique.  As such, SEDGE treat every Instruction as bespoke, marketing accordingly.  With a choice of packages for you ‘the Client’ to choose from, including options on how and when you would like to pay.

Rather than just listing properties on Rightmove, Zoopla and sitting back, SEDGE actively target audiences with an aim to get your house into the sightline of potential buyers. Our Team then works hard to convert this interest into physical viewings on your behalf.  Property matching applicants and following up leads daily.

All you need to do is clean through & get ready for a viewing!

We, like most other high street agents, have a Nationwide marketing reach utilising portals, Rightmove & Zoopla. However our USP or point of difference, is our sales strategy coupled with our inhouse digital marketing team, who actively use digital marketing techniques and social media marketing, to target audiences and give another dimension to a more traditional marketing approach.

With a growing number of people now using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the capability of utilising these platforms to showcase your property to a larger demographic, we are able to gain exposure to an audience who may not even be currently looking to move home but then sees your property online!

“Successfully Selling Properties in and around Spalding”


SEDGE is Open 7 days a Week so you can relax in the knowledge that a member of staff will be on-hand to manage all incoming enquiries.

“Complete Transparency in the way we conduct Ourselves, our Procedures & our Business Services.  Customer Service being paramount. To Build Relationships within our local Community and to create & implement a successful Sales Strategy, with a transparent Service Charter to help all Vendors sell their homes stress-free & simply.  To offer Our Clients a flexible fee structure which is both competitive and with no hidden costs. To fully support all parties involved, throughout the residential sales process, in an approachable, professional and friendly manner.”

Take a moment…

Most people will want to obtain at least three (3) valuations before instructing an agent of their choice…

We would like to take a moment to briefly explain our Sales process & why we would Welcome the chance to come out and Value your Property.

What to expect when you Instruct SEDGE

  • A FREE honest Valuation of your property based on current market.
  • A Professional Valuation Report within 24 hours.
  • Your property ready to go on the market within 48hrs of photos being taken & approved. Advice will be given on how to prepare & stage your house for these.
  • A separate home visit by your designated Sales Negotiator from our Spalding office, so they are armed with the knowledge to confidently sell your property to all potential buyers.
  • We can handle all your viewings (or you may conduct yourself) and to actively chase feedback within 24hrs.
  • Committed updates as agreed with your Valuer, with an email outlining interest in your property & activity statistics to support this data.
  • A 6 week re-visit, ensuring you stay on track with the current market.
  • SEDGE will put forward & submit all offers, negotiating on your behalf and substantiate all potential buyers.
  • Once ‘Under Offer’ our work continues, ensuring you are fully supported throughout the whole conveyancing period.
  • Our competitive fee structure, where you (‘the Client’) have a choice, offering you the flexibility to you’re your costs down, whilst retaining that all important ‘High Street’ presence of experienced, committed & motivated staff working on your behalf. We have an in-house marketing Team who are active online networking across platforms 24/7 to give your property the exposure it deserves.
  • All our staff reside in the Spalding area and have the passion for property that shines through when they are talking about your home to prospective buyers.
  • High Street Spalding Branch Open 7 Days a Week.

No Hidden Extras.

Full High Street Agent Marketing Inclusive in both packages.

1%  (Plus VAT)

Of agreed sale price, paid on completion

12 wk tie in period with 4 wks notice required

Multi Agency rate – 1.25% plus VAT



  • Full Brochure & Photography
  • Floor plan
  • Sale Board
  • High Street Spalding Branch Window Display (alternated)
  • Nationwide Advertising (Rightmove, Zoopla & OnTheMarket)
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing
  • Professional Experienced Friendly Team
  • Supported by our Customer Service Charter
  • Access to in house Tradesmen & Service Providers
  • Links to Mortgage Advisors, Solicitors & Surveyors
  • Open 7 Days a Week!

(no hidden costs)

Our Team at SEDGE network regularly, linking up chains through their day-to-day communications, so will often have potential buyers even before you have instructed us to come out and value your property!


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Feeling more at home now?

Hopefully, having now browsed our website, you will have a better understanding of how we work here at SEDGE and why having a committed, motivated team alongside you will make all the difference as you begin your journey.

Ready for us to market your property?

The first few weeks are paramount in getting off on the right foot as you begin marketing your property, so ensure you make the smart choice by working with SEDGE from the outset.  

Call SEDGE Spalding on 01775 713888 (Opt 2) for an initial discussion about your property requirements.

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