We often get asked: When is the best time to sell my house?  Whilst Spring is widely regarded as being a good time of year to sell your property, for a variety of reasons (garden starting to look its best, etc), and Autumn generally being seen as the second-best time of year to sell a property (get sold and in for Christmas), no hard and fast rules apply.  Seasonal patterns are definitely worth considering, but it is more important to put your home on the market when the time is right for you and your family.

Key triggers for moving may include:

  • growing family
  • more space
  • changes in relationship status
  • new job
  • first time buyer
  • upgrading
  • empty nest
  • downsizing
  • lifestyle change
  • schools catchment area
  • cost of running a larger property

Other than these considerations you may (or may not) be ready to put your house on the market.

So, the short answer is put your house on the market when the time is right for your current circumstances.


There will be many elements taken into consideration when valuing a property and undertaking a market appraisal. From location, type & style of your property, the square footage, size & condition of your property to current trends and demand. Your valuer will take into account comparable properties currently on the market and discuss how fast you wish to sell.  All these elements have an influencing factor on substantiating a property market appraisal figure and then deciding upon an initial asking price.

Our Valuer has property market experience, local area knowledge and current up to date data which enables them to carry out a thorough search of recent sales (sold prices).  Then taking into account current demand for your particular property will enable them to give you a professional market appraisal.

Once you have booked your free, no obligation property valuation appointment, our valuer will come out to your property and run through our simple, competitive fee structure.  We offer a choice of when & how you may wish to pay and go through all other auxiliary property services we offer our clients and which may be of benefit to you.  We will allow time to listen to your requirements, answer any further questions you may have and even help you find your next dream home.

Ask our valuer about comparable properties on the market in your area or book in for a market appraisal by calling Spalding 01775 713888


Anti Money Laundering Legislation requires all estate agents to verify the identity of their clients.

SEDGE will ask for proof of your current address & identity (ID) as part of our due diligence.

Examples of ID:

  • a valid passport
  • a valid photo card driving licence (full or provisional)
  • a national identity card
  • a firearms certificate
  • an identity card issued by the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland

Examples of proof of address:

  • current council tax bill
  • recent bank or mortgage statement


When it comes to selling a home, the viewing stage is crucial.

Given that the outcome of a viewing will impact your life directly, it is perfectly understandable that you would want to be part of this process and conduct your own viewings. Certainly as the homeowner you are best placed to answer questions and talk about the locality and amenities.

However, some vendors find the pressure of the situation just too much, which is why here at SEDGE we are more than happy to undertake accompanied viewings on your behalf.

As estate agents, our agents are experienced in showing potential buyers around properties just like yours and have the confidence in this role.  Their expertise in presenting your property and speaking with potential buyers will ensure viewings are carried out in a smooth and professional manner and hopefully with the desired outcome!


Making an effort to present your property prior to going on the market will obviously increase its appeal to potential buyers, but more importantly it may increase the amount a potential buyer is prepared to offer for your house.

Kerb appeal is very important. So ensure all external windows & doors are well presented, clean and where necessary touched up or repainted.  Mow the lawn, remove weeds & generally tidy up the outside area.

By decluttering inside and creating an illusion of space (moving furniture around or out, if necessary) and ensuring you thoroughly clean through, will help present your property to its full potential.  Little things like closing the WC seats, opening a window, letting in fresh air, clearing kitchen surfaces of excess items and making beds will all be beneficial. After all, you have just one chance to present your property to a potential purchaser - so make the most of it!

Even before the viewing stage though it is important to gain a prospective buyers’ interest by producing a quality property brochure with high quality photographs.  A good set of around x12 internal and external photos and a well-written, concise brochure will be key to showcasing your property to its utmost potential.  Buyers will see this marketing detail on portals such as Rightmove & Zoopla and will also be emailed copies through property matching mailshots, so a strong brochure is important.

Here at SEDGE we utilise all of the above marketing lines but have an added unique selling point by strongly marketing ourselves and our latest properties via modern social media channels.  Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are now all mediums by which we may showcase your property, reaching an audience who may not otherwise be looking.  Talk to inhouse marketing team, who will be more than happy to explain how this works in more detail.

SEDGE will ask potential buyers for proof of funds to verify Offers.  As your agent we need to ensure they have the funds available to proceed; this could be either the cash in the bank or via a mortgage agreed in principal.

Once your potential buyers have been financially checked, you will be in a better position to make this decision. A first-time buyer for example who can proceed immediately, may be the more attractive option, as would someone who has the cash in the bank (known as a cash buyer).  These may be preferential over the buyer who has sold or is under offer but maybe in a large chain.  Every situation will need an element of discussion and to be treated on a case by case basis.

Often if you are marketing a sought after propert you may even find several potential buyers step forward and end up in a bidding war to secure your property.  This situation needs to be handled very carefully and your agent is best placed to negotiate on your behalf, should you find yourself in this position.

There are several influencing factors one of which may depend on the financial position of your buyer. If they are a cash buyer it can often be faster, but this is not always the case. If they have a house to sell or are engaged in a long chain, it may well take longer. However it may also depend on the number of enquiries/queries that arise during the final conveyancing stage.  How quickly these are answered and resolved or how long the searches take to come back in, will all be influencing factors and have an impact on time taken to complete.

Your solicitor will keep you updated as to a likely completion date.

On average though, conveyancing can take around 10-12 weeks.

The range of different factors at play when buying and selling a home, plus the number of people and professionals involved, means there may be huge variations in how long it could take.

Sole Agency

Sole agency is where only one agent will be actively marketing your property.  Often tying you in for an initial period. If you have signed a sole agency contract you will need to check with your estate agent first, before instructing another agent as you may find that you are liable to pay two sets of fees!

Sole Selling Rights Agency

This is an arrangement where a single estate agent is appointed to market your property for sale. That estate agent will be entitled to its fee if there is any disposal of the property whilst the agent’s agreement is in force, regardless of who found the buyer or had negotiations with them.

Joint Sole Agency

This is a pre-agreed arrangement where a vendor uses two (or more) estate agents to market their property and the agents agree to split the fee between them if one of them sells the property.


Multi-agency is where you instruct more than one agent and the vendor pays only the one who sells their property.  With more than one estate agent marketing your home, they will certainly be actively trying to push your property, however buyers may think you are desperate to sell if they see lots of different sale boards outside your home.

In Summary

Having a written contract right from the outset is key. This will avoid any confusion and disputes over fees in the long run.  Ask questions about the length of your tie in period, whether your chosen agent's fee include VAT or not and what is your exit agreement should you decide not to sell.

Choosing an estate agent when selling your home can be a confusing process. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Look for an Estate Agent who combines a strong high street and online presence.

(SEDGE have a high street branch on Winsover Rd Spalding, advertise Locally & Nationally on portals Rightmove & Zoopla and also have a strong online exposure across social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google My Business. Read independent reviews on Yell.com, FreeIndex or Facebook).

  • When considering an Agent go and meet them, pop into their High Street Branch and meet the whole Team (not just their Valuer) see if they are friendly, welcoming or accommodating? Ask them what hours they operate? Are they open 7 days a week? Buyers are looking all the time so it helps if your agent is open and ready to take their calls. Remember, once you instruct an agent they will become your point of contact potentially for several months to come, so ensure you can maintain a working relationship with them.

(SEDGE are open 7 days a week and have a reputation for being professional, friendly and efficient)

  • Technology – ask Estate Agents about their latest technology and how they intend to use this? More importantly ask them to actually show you it in action.  They should provide you with working examples on similar properties. Are they busy on social media? Social media management for example, goes beyond just posting property updates and branch activity, it now includes engaging with audiences and looking for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility.  Look online, are they social media savvy?

(SEDGE have a specialist in-house digital marketing team member, pop in to find out more)

  • How long has the agent been established and what is their experience? A well-established agent that has the direct experience of selling properties in the immediate vicinity of your home is preferable.

(SEDGE, Established 1994, is a successful local residential sales and letting agent covering postcodes PE10, PE11, PE12 & PE13)

  • Does the Estate Agent offer a choice of fee packages? Different choice of fee structures or options of when you may pay? Is there a discount for paying up front? and with the percentage % fee does that include or exclude VAT?  Finally if you do want a sale board or your agent to accompany viewings are there any other 'hidden charges' for these required extras?  Calculate the Whole Cost of selling your home Prior to instructing your chosen Agent.

(SEDGE offer their clients a choice of fee structures, both inclusive of VAT, with absolutely No Hidden Costs.  Both packages come with everything included, for sale board, floorplans etc.  We keep it simple, transparent and competitive and feel clients should have a choice of how and when they would like to pay).

If you would like to understand how, as estate agents, we plan to undertake Valuations/Market Appraisals, Viewings, Inspections and Office Contact - please refer to our Industry Guidance - a copy of which can be provided upon request simply email:  Enquiries@sedge-homes.com

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